Compostwheels began as a small group of individuals passionate about finding a way to re-direct organic waste from landfills in Atlanta to a resource in the process of making fertile soil. By creating a standard of soil for farmers and community gardeners, Compostwheels aims to have a large impact on the local food system, economy, and environment in which we work.

The Compostwheels service is simple; sign up, pick your payment plan, recieve a compost bucket, and Compostwheels will pick it up!

The Compost Kids School Drop-off Program: Since they began, in 2012, Compostwheels has been involved in educating the next generation. Compostwheels team members have taught classes, day camps, extra-curricular programs, and science nights, teaching kids that an indispensable skill for stewarding the land, be it urban or rural, is the best way to impact their lives.

Click on the logo to visit the Compostwheels website to sign up and learn more!