Fly Fish Ga. and the Fly Fishing School at Habersham Mill

Fly Fish Ga offers the best guided fly fishing in West Georgia.

The brand new Habersham Mill Fly Fishing School; an intensive 2 day course designed for novice and intermediate anglers.  The school combines classroom instruction, casting practice and actual fishing time.

This is the best place for you to learn how to enjoy the sport.  If you’ve never held a fly rod, they’ll take you through the basics.  If you’ve had some experience, they’ll help you take your skills to the next level.

Habersham has two of the most respected in the country. This joint effort between Jimmy Harris, Kent Edmonds, and Habersham Mill brings you two guides who are probably responsible for teaching the sport of fly fishing to more people than the rest of the guides in the state combined.

Visit the Fly Fish Ga site to learn more.