DrumRise harnesses the power of rhythm to promote individual, organizational, and community wellness. DrumRise does this primarily through two avenues: instruction in West African drumming and TaKeTiNa – a rhythm process that is at once a kinesthetic learning tool and a moving meditation practice.

Group drumming and rhythm has been scientifically shown to decrease stress and improve immune system function. It provides a vehicle for positive interpersonal interactions that transcend societal divisions and “isms,” nurturing communities. Drumming together creates abundant learning opportunities for students and for adults in the workplace looking to explore group dynamics or improve teamwork and communication.

Find out more about the many contexts in which RHYTHM can be a joyful catalyst for growth and wellbeing, including: Community drumming classes, school programs, drumming for health and wellbeing, eldercare, corporate conference and team building, community festivals, and private parties.

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